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What We're All About

AIMS Academy offers a range of academic, professional and vocational courses in Business Studies, Accounting and Finance, Tourism and Hospitality Management, IT, and so on. We offer courses starting from RQF Level 3 to 7 that are accredited by OTHM and ATHE Qualification UK. According to the British education system,Level 3 works as a foundation degree that makes students ready for Undergraduate programmes. The Level 4,5,6 sequentially represent Bachelor Degree’s Year 1,2 and 3. Lastly, Level 7 is equivalent to a Pre-master’s/Master’s degree. Other courses accredited by Bangladesh Technical Education Board. We have highly qualified and industry experienced tutors with a dedicated support team to make your learning journey smoother and memorable. We work to place you in local and international universities for further studies and transferring credits while the employability team helps you to find internships and jobs in the local market. AIMS Academy started its journey from March 2017 by the name of Academy of International Management Studies (AIMS). The college was accredited by OTHM qualification in the same year. In June 2020, the college name was changed to AIMS Academy and it became a part of AIMS English Pvt. Ltd. The college also received the accreditation of BTEB in December 2018. We also provides ATHE- Awards for Training and Higher Education Qualification UK. It is another global provider in awarding British Qualification.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela

Our Mission

AIMS Academy’s goal is to provide complete guidance, arrange the course of higher education, and determine the entry requirements for our prospective and current students with globally compatible tertiary by choosing and analyzing the appropriate courses for transfer credit or additional study in a college or university. Along with academic requirements, AIMS Academy teaches students the lessons they need in morality, ethics, manners and etiquette, self-respect, dignity, and patriotism, enabling them to become citizens of the 21st century and pursue their academic, personal, and professional goals.

Our Vision

AIMS Academy will be one of the most amazing, promising, renowned, and dedicated educators and education support providers for the learning domain. In the upcoming decades, AIMS Academy will be a top institution for the teaching, training, and recruitment of the most talented students and prospective students for education and overseas education assistance, ensuring high-quality and efficient services to the educational establishments (i.e., Universities and colleges). Additionally, AIMS Academy is eager to participate nationally and internationally through cutting-edge learning, knowledge development and application, and community involvement. We aspire to be inspired by our patriotic nation, society, and neighborhood in order to build it.